Flamenco guitar lessons

Joonas Widenius – Flamenco guitar lessons VOL I – “Compás material”

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This book gives you a broad overview of flamenco guitar strumming and rhythmic playing. The book contains comping material of the 12 most typical flamenco styles, without forgetting various bits of melody that decorate the comping. The materials of each style develop in level from beginner to advanced. Studying the most difficult comp figures can take a lot of time.

The purpose of the book is to facilitate the study of the basics of flamenco guitar, especially outside of Spain. High-quality basic material, especially for comping, is sometimes very difficult to find, and this book offers relief. Every pattern found in the book is practical material. The use of the material for dance and song accompaniment or solo performance is more than desirable.

The golden rule of flamenco guitar is: “If the comp doesn’t work, neither will the solos or melodies.”

After studying this book, your comping inventory will be more than extensive!