King's Crown

@ King's Crown

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22 Kuninkaankatu, Kuopio 70100, Suomi
040 1279591

This trio is a konspirazy of world and jazz music. It combines
finnish and jazz traditions with rock and even flamenco. Karo
Sampela (ES) brings the Andaluzian groove, Hannu Rantanen
(FI) colors it with the bass-line based on jazz and finnish folklore
and Joonas Widenius (FI) offers the guitar lines and new compositions you haven’t heard before. Their music is like an Arktik
Traktor with no borders! Let’s call it European music with an attitude and slogan »There should be no borders or limits nowhere!« Just keep traktor rollin’.

Joonas Widenius, kitara
Hannu Rantanen, basso
Karo Sampela, rummut ja perkussio